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Viktoria Gaspar

HER-2 analysis: NordiQC results


HER-2 has been included in the breast cancer immunohistochemistry module of NordiQC since 2006. Until 2012 there have been 14 assessments. The number of laboratories that participate has increased from 67 to 263.
HER-2 ISH assessment was introduced in 2006 and so far 9 assessments have been completed. The assessments have included FISH, CISH or SISH in different constellations. Since 2012 NordiQC has established the new HER-2 ISH module which includes both BRISH and FISH. Participating laboratories have increased from 28 to 118. The results of next assessment will, as for HER-2 IHC, be presented in the beginning of April 2013. HER-2 in gastric cancer has been performed as 2 pilot runs in 2011. The presentation will include examples of optimal and insufficient staining. Different staining systems and pass-rates of the assessments will be commented.


Viktoria Gaspar, MD since 2008, resident, Department of Pathology, University and Regional Laboratories of Region Skåne, Sweden. Becoming a specialist in March 2013. Member of the NordiQC core group, assessor in the general module and breast module since 2011.

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