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John Bartlett

Standardization of HER-2 Analysis in Carcinomas: HER-2 in breast cancer


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Testing for HER2 status in both early and advanced breast cancer represents one of the pivotal developments in the patient management of the last 20 years. It serves both as a challenge to molecular diagnosticians and as a model for future molecular diagnostic and personalised medicines. It is therefore sobering to reflect that over 20 years after the initiation of HER2 testing confusion and debate continues in respect to the best tests available and the process of diagnosing challenging cases.

The context of HER2 guideline development, including development of ASCO-CAP guidelines, will be discussed in regard to test selection and processes for adopting novel HER2 testing approaches. Specific discussion of challenging cases, including tumours with molecular heterogeneity and “rogue” staining patterns will be used to encourage standardisation of diagnostic approaches.

External Quality Assessment for Standardization in Applied Immunohistochemistry: Experiences from UK NEQAS


The UK National External Quality Assessment Service (UK-NEQAS) for ISH was developed almost 10 years ago under the direction of Keith Miller and John Bartlett. The NEQAS ISH scheme has proven highly effective in improving standards of ISH testing within the UK. Less success has been demonstrated for improving standards outside the UK and this may carry valuable lessons for the organisers of existing EQA schemes or those developing new schemes. In addition the scheme has been at the forefront of evaluating novel tests, impacting both national and international testing guidelines and performing training and education for diagnosticians. In this presentation I will review the development of the scheme, demonstrate its  impact on UK practice and provide critical information informing guidelines and adoption of novel tests into the scheme.


Professor John Bartlett is currently the Director of Transformative Pathology at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research in Toronto Canada.  Following training as a Biochemist and Reproductive Endocrinologist Professor Bartlett switched to translational cancer research in 1990. During his time at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities (1993-2011) John built an international reputation as a translational research scientist which lead to the award of a Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists and a Personal Chair at Edinburgh University. During this time he also developed the UK NEQAS scheme for HER2 ISH testing and was responsible for a number of key publications in the field. Having recent moved to Toronto, Professor Bartlett has now published over 150 research articles and is co-author on the UK guidelines for HER2 testing. Complete CV

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