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All handouts (pdf-files of Power-Point presentations) are uploaded by 7th June 2013:
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Certificates of participation are e-mailed to all participants about 18th June.

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Welcome message

NordiQC welcomes pathologists, scientists and technicians with interest in standardization of applied immunohistochemistry to join this international conference in Aalborg, Denmark, arranged on the occasion of NordiQC's 10th anniversary in collaboration with Danish Society for Cyto- and Histochemistry.

Introduced by international experts and the NordiQC core group members, the conference is aimed at giving you a comprehensive, up-to-date overview regarding optimization and standardization for the demonstration and assessment of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic immunomarkers in major fields of surgical pathology and haematopathology.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is an increasingly important ancillary tool in diagnostic pathology but IHC is far from standardized. We should therefore devote our efforts to developing standards in our daily practice as well as scientific activity for the overall benefit of patients. As the role of IHC analysis is changing from that of an ancillary diagnostic technique to that of a stand-alone diagnostic method, the results of which determine treatment approach, standardization of preanalytical, analytical and postanalytical methods becomes even more important, as the results emanating from different laboratories must be directly comparable.

Welcome to Aalborg

Mogens Vyberg
NordiQC director
Professor, clinical pathology
Aalborg University Hospital


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