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Hans Kreipe

The need to standardize marker analysis in cancer – experiences with lymphomas and other neoplasms


For classification of tumours and prediction of potential benefit from targeted therapies pathologists apply immunohistochemistry and molecular methods. In order to meet the increasing demand for quality assured predictive pathology we founded a quality assurance system for German pathologists in 2002. Since then annual or bi-annual round robin tests with up to 250 participants have been conducted to the following types of analysis:

Tumour Marker Methods
Bronchogenic carcinoma Mutation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor PCR, Sequencing
Bronchogenic carcinoma EML 4 ALK translocation Immunohistochemistry,
Gastrointestinal stroma tumor PDGFR-A, c-kit PCR, Sequencing
Colon cancer K-ras PCR, Sequencing
Colon cancer Mikrosatellite instability PCR,
Gastric cancer HER2 Immunhistochemistry,
Lymphoma Immunophenotyping Immunhistochemistry
Lymphoma Receptor rearrangement for anlysis of clonality PCR, electophoresis
Malignant melanoma B-raf PCR, Sequencing
Breast cancer Estrogen receptor Immunohistochemistry
Breast cancer Progesterone receptor Immunohistochemistry
Breast cancer HER2 Immunohistochemistry,
Breast cancer, lymphoma, neuroendocrine tumors Ki-67 Immunohistochemistry

The quality assurance trials are based on sections from human samples, either as tissue micro- arrays or as unstained sections for molecular studies. Only material which was identically tested by three independent reference institutes before is entered into the trials.

With regard to lymphoma, immunohenotyping, rearrangement analysis and Ki-67 have been standardized by round robin tests. These results will be presented.

In addition, a web based system to benchmark individual HER2 results with the majority of laboratories has been introduced (Choritz et al. Quality assessment of HER2 testing by monitoring of positivity rates. Virchows Arch. 2011;459:283-9; Up to now 41,000 HER2 assessments have been entered into the system. The average positivity rate is far lower than could have been expected from the literature and ranges between 15% and 16%. Institutes are informed by a traffic light indicator whether their positivity rates in relation to the number of assessments lies within or outside of 95% and 99.5% confidence intervals.

Since the introduction of round robin tests and other measurements to assure standardization of immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridization an improvement of concordance between local and central testing of HER2 could be demonstrated. This became evident from neoadjuvant treatment studies. Complete pathological response based on local HER2 testing increased from 20% (2006) to over 40% (2011), thus being close to the results of the central pathology.


Hans Kreipe, Prof. Dr. med., Date of Birth: August 24, 1956

Department: Institute of Pathology, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1, D-30625 Hannover Phone: 0511/532-6067, Fax: 0511/532-6068 e-mail: Kreipe.Hans@MH-Hannover.De


1976-82 Study of Medicine, University of Kiel

Academic appointments:

1984-91 Resident, Institute of Pathology Kiel (Prof. Dr. Karl Lennert)

1985 Doctoral thesis (Prof. Parwaresch, Kiel)

1991 Habilitation

1991-93 Senior Registrar Institute of Pathology, Kiel (Prof. Dr. M. Dietel)

1993-98 Professor of Pathology and deputy director of the Institute of Pathology University of Würzburg (Prof. Dr. K. Müller–Hermelink)

1998- Full Professor, Director Institute of Pathology, Hannover Medical School, Hannover

Other professional activities:

2001-2010 Board member, German Society of Pathology

2002- Board member, European Bone Marrow Working Group

2007-2010 Chairperson European Bone Marrow Working Group

2007-2010 Board member, European Association of Hematopathology

2008 Member of the German Academy of Science (Leopoldina) 2008 Congress-President German Society of Senology     2010 Congress-President German Society of Pathology     2010- Board member European Society of Pathology

Reviewer for DFG, DAAD, Deutsche Krebshilfe, Sander-Stiftung, Leukemia&Lymphoma Research Fund, U.K., and various international foundations and universities

Editorial Board of Virchows Archive, Annals of Hematology


2008 Jeremy Jazz Prize for Research Excellence in Pathology (shared)

Professional Societies:

American Association for Cancer Research, European Society of Pathology, European Association of Hematopathology, European Bone Marrow Working Group, German Society of Pathology, German Society of Senology, International Academy of Pathology

Major Research Interests:

  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Hematopathology
  3. Molecular Pathology

Selected Publications on Standardization of Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Pathology:

  1. Choritz H, Büsche G, Kreipe H; Study Group HER2 Monitor. Quality assessment of HER2 testing by monitoring of positivity rates. Virchows Arch. 2011 Sep;459(3):283-9.
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